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Hunan Raco Enterprises Co., Ltd participated in the online Canton Fair. The first Live Show of RACOTV brought goods to cloud Canton Fair. The number of likes exceeded 210,000. The Raco Products were well received by customers and welcomed by the market.

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Anti-slip Yoga Mat

  • ITEM NUMBER: AC-1050a
  • SIZE: 183X61CM, 183X80CM

Artscreating: Introducing The 127th Online Canton Fair, Presentamos la 127a Feria de Cantón en línea

On the afternoon of April 10, the State Council Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism held a press conference on measures to stabilize foreign trade. Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin introduced the situation of the 127th Canton Fair at the press conference, and Li Xingqian, director of the Department of Foreign Trade, replied to reporters about “The 127th Canton Fair will be held online for the first time. How will it be held? What are the main contents?” Ask questions.


SH300 Ventilator

Technical Parameter:
Type: Pneumatic electric control.
Display screen: 10.4-inch touch LCD screen.
Battery: Lithium battery, can supply power for more than 2 hours.


Our Company Has Obtained The Second-class Medical Device Operation Qualification

Due to the recent outbreak of the global epidemic, the demand for masks and other anti-epidemic materials in foreign countries has greatly increased, and the export of masks has become a hot topic. Strict inspections have led to uneven quality in the mask market. Some companies have just left the factory and did not complete the process in order to meet the deadline, and then sold them overseas. This seriously affects the interests of companies that strictly abide by European and American production standards. And our company has obtained the second-class medical equipment business qualification, we can export masks, protective clothing, hand sanitizer, testing reagents, temperature guns, disinfectant and other medical products. Large quantity and good quality, welcome to consult.


My Company Has A Mask Export, Welcome To Consult

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, The face masks have become the “first line of defense” for personal protection in the face of shortage of global supplies. Masks have become a hot topic in the world and have always been a topic of concern. Many people are troubled about it.

Our company has qualifications related to the import and export of medical products. At present, we can export masks with sufficient supplies, stable prices, and reliable quality, Looking forwards to your email about it, Hope Raco can solve your problem.


Hunan Raco Has Been Returned To Work On February 17

Thanks for your concern. I believe you have heard a lot from people around or seen much on social networks regarding coronavirus problem in China. It does bring us lots of troubles as you may seen on the newspaper that we can hardly go anywhere […]