Medical Mask

Our breathable mask is made of high-quality mask non-woven fabric. The outer layer is an effective dust-proof and waterproof fabric; the middle layer prevents particles; the inner skin-friendly layer absorbs moisture in the breathable, making it breathable and comfortable. Our three-layer disposable mask can effectively […]


Disinfectant Fluid

Powerful 99.9% alcohol hand-held disinfection spray. Our antibacterial hand sanitizer is powerful and easy to use. Designed to kill bacteria, easy to use  


Cotton Mouth Mask

Safely and effectively prevent dust, fine particles and pollen in the air from entering the nose and mouth. It is made of cotton, which keeps the face soft and comfortable, and keeps the face warm in cold weather. Washable, reusable, foldable, easy to carry.  


Forehead Thermometer

Digital thermometers are suitable for all ages, babies, adults and the elderly. It not only supports forehead function, but also absorbs room/object temperature. ℃ and ℉ can be easily switched.  


Disposable Medical Mask

The disposable elastic ear-hook mask is made of non-woven fabric, which is comfortable and breathable, soft and skin-friendly, and easy to use. Disposable mask can effectively prevent dust and air pollution, protect your health and life  


Medical Mask

Made of high-quality skin-friendly non-woven fabric and meltblown internal filter, it is non-irritating, soft and comfortable, suitable for daily protection and fully meets the needs of your family, employees and friends.  


Children Disposable Mask

Suitable for children to go to school, outdoor activities, shopping and other activities. High-elastic cotton earbands, long-term wearing will not cause ear damage. Effectively protect children. The outer color layer is made of non-woven fabric, which can effectively filter particulate pollutants in the air. The […]


Children Cotton Mouth Mask

Your child is in a safe and healthy environment. We always pay attention to your child’s skin health. Skin-friendly soft material, no odor, non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly, the product can be washed and reused.It is very suitable for isolating dust and protecting […]


Disposable Nonwoven KN95 Folding Face Mask

With soft and high elastic ear hooks, adjustable metal nose bridge and dot welding. Provide you with a light wearing experience. It is easy to use and covers the mouth, nose and chin. This is the best mask when you walk through crowded airports, bus […]


School Book Covers

Personalize your books with interesting designs. Put on our unique fabric dustproof jacket to show your personality. Buy one for all your textbooks-these cool covers make it easy to distinguish them.