Changsha, the cultural capital of Hunan Province. It is not only an ancient capital with a long history, but also an internet- famous city with youthful vigour. Moreover, It is a comprehensive transportation hub center of southern China which is transportation District, obvious advantages, with modern highways, international airports, the world’s leading high-speed rail network, the intelligent Xiangjiang wharf. Hunan Raco enterprises CO., LTD, whose headquarter is located in such booming city.\

Hunan Raco enterprises CO., LTD, was set up in 2001, it has keeping the pioneering spirit since the beginning, witnessed by the people at home and abroad, it has gone over through 20 years.

Raco company puts customer demands in the first place and specialized in five major business.

  1. Paper and paper products, non-woven development and processing
  2. EVA sheets, shoes, clothes, design and further processing of garment material and so on
  3. Marketing of pharmaceutical products, mask, hand sanitizer, epidemic prevention materials
  4. Producing and spreading of Chinese herbal medicine
  5. Promote Chinese tea culture
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